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Brief Company Profile >>>

MTI Technic Industries Sdn Bhd (MTI) has more than 25 years of experience in the steel casting industry. Implementing some of the most advanced steel casting technologies, we are a reputable foundry and supplier of high-quality finished steel and iron products. We are committed to deliver our castings in the highest quality and on time. Based in Malaysia, MTI serves both the local and overseas market. A large percentage of our products are exported to Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Central America, Western Africa and throughout various parts of the world.

Types of Casting Available >>>

Various grades of alloyed steel, stainless steel, manganese steel, high-chrome steel, grey cast iron, alloyed white cast iron, ductile cast iron, ni-hard cast iron

Key Industries Served >>>

Palm oil mill equipment parts, biomass boiler parts, general engineering parts, quarry & mining parts, construction & piling industry parts, pump parts, made to order castings

Key Products >>>

Palm Oil Mill Parts - Worm Screw

Biomass Boiler Parts

Specialised Casting - Made to Order

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